Convergent Science of Mind and Brain. Woods Hole, 16-30 August 2019

How can we improve what we know already about the brain and its function?

We are coming to an era where one of the most urgent challenges in neuroscience is the problem
of large-scale integration. We need to know how the brain as a whole function together.

John Lisman 2015

The Convergent Science of Mind and Brain Workshop

The goal of this multidisciplinary workshop is to bring together visionary scientists in the hope of getting a handle on the function of the brain from a system-level perspective.

The format of the meeting is organized as to construct a collective notion of brain architecture by carefully analyzing the work the participants have done individually and extract main principles and questions for a collective discussion. We will dedicate 1 day to the work and ideas of each one of the participants. The day starts with a formal presentation ( ~ 1hr) that articulates the main principles of brain function and organization that the presenter would like to be the basis for the detailed discussion over the day. The goal of this presentation is not to justify the ideas with data, but to articulate the overall vision (speculative or proven) of the presenter. We hope that specific hypotheses and the open question might become clear by this point. The rest of the day will then be dedicated to investigating and discussing these in detail.
The goal of the workshop is to make the dialogue as concrete as possible by defining computational principles that could be included in a computational model. When possible new principles will be immediately incorporated into a working model by the resident computational neuroscience team.

The workshop is hosted by Paul Verschure ICREA, IBEC, Barcelona


Confirmed participants __________________________________________

Buzsaki, Gyorgy   NYU Neuroscience Inst., US                      Tony Prescott           Sheffield University, UK
Marco Idiart          Federal Univ. Rio Grande do Sul                 David Redish           Minnesota University, US
Ole Jensen           Birmingham University, UK                          Cesar Renno Costa    Federal Univ. Rio Grande do Sul
Rodolfo Llinas       NYU, US                                                     Terry Sejnowski         Salk Institute, US
Matt Mattjis           Waterloo University, Canada                       Ivan Soltesz              Stanford Medicine, US


Calendar 19-30 August 2019


Workshop Venue

Airplane House in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, US







Organized in collaboration with IBEC and Brandeis University

Anna Mura SPECS-lab,  IBEC Barcelona
with Diogo Santos, Ismael Freire, Adrian FernandezSPECS-lab,  IBEC Barcelona
and with HyunJae Pi, Nonna OtmakhovaRoshan Nanu Brandeis University

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