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Translating principles of natural systems into new technologies

Promoting Interdisciplinary education


The requirements of a convergent science approach towards technology and biology are novel and still developing. read more…

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We are grounded in STEM objectives, search for identity, communication, and exposure. read more…

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CSN is engaged in a number of complementary actions to advance the converging of science, technology, and the human condition. read more


The CSN network is built around the core communities engaged in translating our understanding of brains and bodies into novel technologies. read more…

Our Story

Advances in innovative technologies will depend on the discovery and mastery of novel principles as opposed to boosting existing ones. One approach to answer this challenge is to translate fundamental principles underlying the unsurpassed ability of natural systems, in particular brains, to conquer the challenges of the real world into new technologies

Our Mission

There is a growing research field of Living Machines in Europe, however, uptake of results towards society and industry is still limited. CSN’s mission is to provide a prototype model for the creation of a European accelerator for SME’s in the field of Living Machines.

Our Beliefs

To advance the future and emerging technologies in the areas of Neuro- and Bioinspired systems, a rapid advance in the training of its future generation of researchers and stakeholders is required. CSN directly contributes by focusing on developing a framework for education in the advanced fields of Neuro- and Bioinspired Systems, Human-Machine Symbiosis, Material Sciences, and energy, Human Condition.

Barcelona Cognition Brain & Technology summer school
Living Machines
Space of Memory
Convergent Science of Mind and Brain. Woods Hole, 16-30 August 2019

Convergent Science Network

CSN is built around the core communities engaged in translating our understanding of brains and bodies into novel technologies.

Paul Verschure

ICREA Research Professor and head of the SPECS-lab at the Bioengineering Institut of Catalunya IBEC.

Tony Prescott

Professor of Cognitive Robotics at the University of Sheffield and Director of the interdisciplinary research institute Sheffield Robotics

Anna Mura

Senior research fellow at the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalunya, IBEC. Expert in science education andcommunication.

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