We just celebrated a decade of BCBT, which has run with great success in previous years thanks to an excellent line-up of outstanding speakers including Nobel Laureate winner Edvard Moser and luminaries in the fields of neurosciences, psychology, biology, robotics and AI, such as M. Arbib, S. Grilner, G. Rizzolatti, among many.

The school program is focused on topics related to “Principles in Biological Systems“: from micro to macro-scale complexity as well as Biologically-constrained architectures for the next generation of adaptive “goal-directed AI machines such as robots”.

The BCBT summer school aims to advance the system level understanding of the brain and its emulation in advanced technology. For this, we invite speakers in the computational, physiological and robotics fields and organized tutorials on Brain Architectures.

BCBT school offers up to 30 student slots while as many researchers can register to attend the presentations and discussion sessions. The school capacity is about 60 participants. The atmosphere of the school is informal with the goal to stimulate discussion with in-depth lectures and hands-on project work. There are 2 talks in the morning, with the afternoons reserved for tutorials, projects or further discussion. BCBT is project-oriented and the results of the projects are presented on the last day of the school with an award for the best projects. Project work is often associated with specific objectives and can be used in this case to experiment with new research platforms such as robots and interactive spaces.

The school program is further augmented by the availability of state of the art infrastructure for computation and robotics.

Specific learning outcomes for the student participants is to familiarize themselves with the multi-disciplinary concepts, methods, techniques, and practice of large- scale integration and computation required to both analyze and emulate the brain.

BCBT Program Committee

Paul Verschure. IBEC, University Pompeu Fabra, ICREA, Barcelona, ES
Tony Prescott. University of Sheffield, UK
Anna Mura. IBEC, Barcelona, ES